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FVC 2017

When a man is incarcerated, not only is his life changed, but also his partner and their children. Those left behind are “forgotten victims”, left without the support of their partner. They must work alone, providing adequate support for themselves and their children.

They must take on the role of the absent partner in the lives of their children, trying to keep some semblance of normalcy, while also being treated by many as a “second class” citizen. Recognizing the importance of identifying and supporting these victims, a resolution was introduced in 2013 in the Ohio Legislature by two representatives.  Ohio Senator Cliff Hite introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution (S.C.R. 8), while Ohio State Representative Lynn Wachtmann introduced its companion, House Concurrent Resolution (H.C.R. 8). The Ohio Senate voted 33-0 in support of S.C.R. 8 on April 10.

“I am proud to sponsor this resolution and believe that, once people recognize the negative impact of these ‘forgotten victims’, the citizens of Ohio will step up and comprehend the importance of strengthening these families, not tearing them down,” said State Senator Cliff Hite. “Nationwide, there are more than 1.7 million children that have an incarcerated parent and these at-risk youth need encouragement, not to be regarded as second-class citizens, lest they prolong a generational cycle of incarceration.”

This resolution recognizes the month of April as “Forgotten Victims of Crime Recognition Month”, identifying and bringing greater awareness to the “forgotten victims” of incarceration, the family members whose lives are altered when their loved one goes to prison. “As a sponsor of this resolution in the Ohio House of Representatives, I trust that the citizens of Ohio will become more aware of how incarceration impacts everyone, whether they are the victim of the crime, the citizens, the community or the family,” State Representative Lynn Wachtmann said. “These ‘forgotten victims’, the partners and children of those incarcerated, deserve to be treated with the respect due any other citizen.”

“We are thankful of the work of State Senator Hite and State Representative Wachtmann in seeking to recognize the plight of the forgotten victims of crime” – the families of the person incarcerated,” said Catherine Tijerina, Co-Executive Director of the RIDGE Project. “As a former forgotten victim myself, I am pleased that this legislation will bring to light the necessity of reaching out to the families affected by incarceration, and will highlight the importance of encouraging them and providing a lifeline during this challenging time.”

The RIDGE Project works to counter the potential devastation on the family when one member of the family is severed from the family unit through incarceration, leaving behind family members who become victims themselves.

“Through the work of The RIDGE Project, we have the opportunity every day to advocate for those who do not have a voice, the forgotten victims of incarceration,” Ron Tijerina, Co-Executive Director of The RIDGE Project said. “We appreciate these efforts by Ohio’s leaders to highlight the need for awareness of victims of crime who often go unnoticed by our society.

Film Camp

The RIDGE Project hosted their 14th annual Film Camp this year from June 21 – 26, 2017 at YMCA’s Camp Wilson in Bellefountaine, Ohio. Teens ages 12 – 18 from all across Ohio to take a stand against risky behaviors.

Camp participants divided into small teams to create a 30 – second long Public Service Announcement (PSA) encouraging their peers to avoid sex outside of marriage, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, unhealthy relationships, and other risky behaviors. At the end of the week, teams they competed for a chance to be chosen as “best production” and the winning PSA will be aired on major TV channels!!

Throughout the week, students also participated in workshops to equip them to make healthy lifestyle choices and avoid risky behaviors. Other activities include PSA filming/editing, group activities, access to YMCA’s Camp Wilson, and more! Subscribe to our newsletter to find out more info on the next Film Camp, coming June 2018.

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If you are at least 21 years of age and would like to volunteer as a camp leader, please complete the application and include a current background check with your submission.

Catch With Dad

Come to Fifth Third Field and enjoy a great time with your kids on Sunday, June 18, 2017

Being a TYRO means you have made a commitment to being the best father you can be….so let us help you make happy memories for you and your family! This Father’s Day weekend, start it out right by coming to 2017 TYRO Catch With Dad event!

TYRO Catch With Dad includes tickets to the Mud Hens game, meal voucher, parade entry, opportunity to play catch on the big field, and more! Note: access to Hensville Park inflatables area is available for $3 entry fee (to outside organization putting on that separate event).

Tickets are limited and will be available on a first come basis. Don’t forget to invite your dad as well!

For more information please contact Beth Brown at (419) 439-1811

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Families must go to the St. Claire Street entrance, near Hensville Park area. Sign in tables will be available for families to receive their tickets and food vouchers beginning at 4:30pm on gameday.