TYRO: (Latin, n): an apprentice, novice, or young warrior, someone learning something new, or founding father.

Our TYRO programs offer individuals a clear picture of what responsibility looks like, and how they can achieve success within themselves and their own family.

TYRO, the company’s flagship suite of programs, was created and is based on the Tijerina family’s personal experience with welfare and incarceration. It is comprised of three components:

TYRO is a holistic, multi-faceted character-building program, designed to strengthen individuals and families. The word TYRO is Latin, meaning novice, apprentice, or someone learning something new. It teaches participants how to overcome destructive generational cycles of poverty, incarceration, and dependency.

TYRO Dads is designed to combat the root issues inherent in destructive or self-serving behavior patterns, through cognitive restructuring and positive role-modeling. In this course, individuals are taught and encouraged to begin taking responsibility for their actions and to act with honor and integrity.  Additionally, the TYRO Dads coursework provides people with a healthy model for becoming a responsible citizen and family member. Those who successfully complete the TYRO Dads course earn the title of “TYRO,” as they now stand as warriors for themselves and their families.

Individuals who successfully complete this course also have the ability to join a TYRO Alumni Community (TAC), a mentoring network that promotes accountability and positive behavior. The TYRO Dads course is foundational to all other courses we offer, by instilling the attitudes and character qualities that are required for successful relationships within families, and that are necessary for success in the workplace.

After completing TYRO Dads, participants may join with their spouse/significant other in Couple Communication, which focuses on strengthening relationships. This program also helps TYROs manage other relationships in their lives, such as those with employers. TYRO Job Ethics Training (JET) teaches TYROs how to be successful at work, and provides crossover skills designed to make them valuable employees.