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Making a difference in tomorrow's leaders

What is TYRO Entrepreneurship Program?

The TYRO Entrepreneurship Program (TEP) is a 9-month program that equips incarcerated men and women to create a positive future for themselves & their families. By giving participants skills, coaching and resources to start their entrepreneurial and to uplift their communities by equipping  with the skills to pursue their dreams of startying

How to get involved

Mentor – Empower others as they work towards their journey of starting their own startup business.

Judge – Be a panelist the night of the event, offering insight to the presenters and select award recipients. In addition, you will have the opportunity to become an early investor in

Sponsor – Get involved in this life-changing program. All sponsor levels will be recognized throughout the TEP Event Night and on this event page.

This is your chance to become the antidote in the lives of these men and women, their families and the communities they are going home to. Your time, insight, investment can change the course of leaders.

Want to learn more?

Contact: Tim Snoke