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Who We Are

At The RIDGE Project, we believe strong families produce strong and healthy children who will then pass that legacy on to future generations.  We are in the business of rescuing families who others have deemed disposable.  No family is ever disposable!  Read more…

Our Mission

"To Lead Families Into a Future Defined by Hope, Peace, and Righteousness for Generations to Come."

Our Programs

Based on the Tijerina family’s personal experience with welfare and incarceration (in and out of prison), TYRO was created out of Ron and Cathy Tijerina’s journey to overcome impossible odds and succeed as a Family.  

The courses are designed to equip individuals with the life skills they need to be responsible parents and partners, better communicators, reliable employees, and positive role models. TYRO is a holistic, multi-faceted character-building program, designed to strengthen individuals and families. The word TYRO is Latin, meaning novice, apprentice, or someone learning something new. It teaches participants how to overcome destructive generational cycles that oftentimes tear families apart and keep individuals stuck in patterns of defeat.

TYRO Youth is a 51-hour course taught over a school year or localized to fit specific demographics.

In order to complete TYRO Youth, participants must complete a 10-page autobiography, Vision Board, Mission Statement, Family Crest, and complete a Fast from something holding them back during the duration of the class.

After completion of the program, participants receive a completion certificate and have earned the right to be called “TYRO”.

TYRO is a character development program focused on the family.

Breaking Cycles of Incarceration by Connecting Prisoners with Their Families.

TYRO now has become an international organization that to equips individuals, institutions and organizations with skills they need to be responsible parents and partners, better communicators, reliable employees, and positive role models.

TYRO Leadership is a nationally known and award-winning curriculum designed to equip participants with the skills necessary to achieve their highest potential.

This intensive character development program teaches participants to own responsibility for their actions, and prepares them to live a life of honor and integrity. 

Upon successful completion, participants have a significant increase in emotional intelligence and reported a marked improvement in how they view themselves and their relationships.

  • Be better communicators
  • Improve talking and listening skills
  • Seek collaborative conflict resolution and manage anger
  • Build satisfying relationships with family, friends, and coworkers


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TYRO 3-year recidivism rate
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Hopefulness for the Future


TYRO restores families, reduce recidivism for incarcerated individuals, and equip men and women with job-readiness skills. The programs attacks the culture of entitlement and empowers individuals to reinvent themselves.

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Every DONATION Helps Families!

Serving thousands in prisons

TYRO Talks - 3rd Wednesday of each month @2pm

We are excited to host TYRO Talks by our founders, Ron & Cathy!

Join us as we connect TYROs everywhere to share words of hope and encouragement during this very challenging time.

Celebrate with Us, LIVE, the 3rd Wednesday of each month, here on zoom or  here on facebook!

Every DONATION Helps Families!

Celebrate Family

We hosted a special Virtual Catch with Dad event will include a special opportunity to hear Ron Tijerina the Director of the RIDGE Project, who is a loving husband, father and grandfather, who raised 3 children for 15 years inside the prison walls.

To encourage staying health and staying safe, the fathers and their children are to PLAY Catch, in their own back yards! Look at all of our Participants,  here & View Our Winners, here

Leading Families Into A Future of Hope & Peace

" I love The Ridge Project and all they stand for. Each staff I have met was not only kind but motivated and believe in their mission. I am beyond grateful that organizations like theirs exist to make the future better..."
"The Ridge Project helped me out in more ways than I can express. I am very proud to say I am a man worth following to several people: a special thank you to: Brad, Japhet, Ron and Catherine, I am proud to be a Tyro/Warrior..."
" I am a Tyro! During one of the toughest times in my life, a time of great setback, disappointment, disaster, and discouragement the Tyro family came along side me, brought me in, and made me a part of something bigger..."
"I came a long way from making bad choices for worst out comes to having the life that i always dreamed of. When I wanted to give up the program helped me make better choices for myself and better a relationship with my Children..."
Such an amazing thing you guys do, really gives family hope. And its nice to know there are such good people who stand behind our inmates and faith in them, also keeping them with high hopes. Keep up the amazing work!!

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We are an industry leader in the human services field, specializing in Youth Intervention, Fatherhood, Healthy Relationship, Healthy Family, and Workforce Development services.

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