Building strong legacies. Creating strong families.

TYRO was created from the Tijerina family’s personal experience with welfare and incarceration. TYRO attacks the culture of entitlement and empowers individuals to reinvent themselves.

The main programs that TYRO offers is: TYRO Dads,  TYRO Leadership, Couple Communication® and TYRO Job Ethics Training (JET). TYRO is a holistic, multi-faceted character-building program, designed to strengthen individuals and families. The word TYRO is Latin, meaning novice, apprentice, or someone learning something new. It teaches participants how to overcome destructive generational cycles of poverty, incarceration, and dependency.


transforming families

Strengthening families to overcome life’s struggles by providing evidence-based programs that transform the individual and empower participants to live a life of honor, integrity and promise. 


Our programs are research-driven and evidence-based. These programs walk participants through self-discovery and empower individuals to be leaders in their families, communities and workplaces. See Research.

changing lives

TYRO empowers individuals to reinvent themselves. Incarcerated TYROs have had a 19.6% Recidivism Rate after three years, 97% report a strong commitment to fatherhood, and 90% report a strong feeling of hopefulness for the future