2020 Census

Despite our  present difficulties with COVID-19, the 2020 Census is happening right now! Every 10 years we conduct a complete count of everyone living in the country. The data gathered from the census is used to guide the equitable distribution of billions of dollars in federal funding among state and local communities. Some populations are often undercounted.

The Census Bureau aims to count everyone once, only once and in the right place. This commitment, however, is particularly tested when it comes to groups that we consider hard to count, like seniors, young children, people of color, people with low incomes, recent and undocumented immigrants, and people experiencing homelessness. The groups that tend to be omitted at the highest rate, unsurprisingly, are also the ones that would probably most benefit from greater access to many of the services made possible through funding based on census count.

Below are links to various promotional materials that will help in your efforts on behalf of the 2020 Census.


To help your constituents respond, the Census Bureau also offers webpages and guides in 59 non-English languages, including an  American Sign Language video guide , as well as guides in Braille and large print. Visit Language Support to learn more.