Sometimes a bit of inspiration is all it takes to jump start transformation in our lives. TYRO Danny C. is living proof of this. While incarcerated at Toledo Correctional, he heard a speech from a RIDGE Project facilitator that he credits as the beginning of the turnaround that has become his life. “When I heard him talk about his life and how he changed, it made me want to change as well.”

One of the best parts of his recent promotion is that it allows him to make hiring decisions. This has enabled him to “hire more TYROs like me; I have had 3 TYROs in the last week.” This is significant because Danny wants very badly to give back to others that are trying to start over – a desire he says he learned from his facilitator. The only thing in Danny’s life that he values more than helping others is the relationships he is building within his family. “When I got sent away, my family didn’t want nothing to do with me,” he recalls. “Now my ex-wife and I are learning to get along and, because we have a daughter together, that’s important. It’s important she knows her family is there.”

What Danny has done is nothing short of spectacular. He finished his RIDGE Project courses and officially became a TYRO, which in turn motivated him to “look for work right away as soon as I was released from prison.” As it turns out, he returned to the same job he had been forced to leave when he was first incarcerated.

He recalls how tough that was. “To start with, some people did not want to give me another chance because they remembered who I was. So, I told them I was different now and talked to them about the classes I had and stuff like that. Then they voted to bring me back.” That was six months ago and to say that this TYRO has made the most of his opportunity would be an understatement. “I came on as a driver putting in a lot of hours per week. After a bit, they saw what my work was like and promoted me. Now I’m a supervisor.”