About Us

About Us

Founded by Ron & Catherine Tijerina in 2000, The RIDGE Project is a Christian, non-profit organization dedicated to empowering generational responsibility in individuals and improving the lives of families throughout the state of Ohio. Our organization believes that strong families produce strong children, who will pass on that legacy of strength to future generations. 

Our Mission

“To establish a path of honor, discipline, and integrity; by way of education, motivation, and inspiration; in order to lead families into a future defined by hope, peace, and righteousness for generations to come.”

Our Vision

The vision of The RIDGE Project, Inc. is to serve our community, state, and nation by reaching out to struggling families, youth, and individuals.  This outreach is designed to reach into the prisons – physical, mental, and spiritual – and offer freedom to the captives.  The outreach is founded on Jesus Christ, based upon biblical principles, and focused on the people we serve, not on building an organization.  We will consistently work to restore one family at a time. Our organization empowers generational responsibility within individuals and families by:

  • Inspiring responsible choices within our youth
  • Developing positive character traits within individuals, fathers and families
  • Teaching and fostering effective communication skills within relationships
  • Promoting responsible parenting
  • Attacking the culture of entitlement and the prisons of poverty
  • Engaging individuals via digital content, which also supports intensive case management, data tracking, and evaluation
  • Connecting clients to ongoing support and accountability networks of alumni to ensure permanent success
  • Actively seeking collaborative partnerships with churches, schools, community faith-based organizations, and state and national agencies

Stay Connected

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