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What does it mean to be a healthy family? Is it having both parents together living in the same house? Is it spending the weekends together? Is it having a game night were everyone stops their lives and laughs together? The problem is a lot of families don’t know the answer.

We watch shows on how families interact and read magazines about celebrity family drama, but when it comes to our own families we have no idea how to communicate or even maintain relationships with each other. So many families appear to have it all together, but behind closed doors no one talks, husband and wife don’t sleep in the same room and the parents have no idea what is going on in the lives of their children.

People are tired of not having a relationship with their spouse or kids. We all are looking for something to fix our broken family. The times of being a “fake happy family” are over. No one wants to feel as if they are failing as a wife, husband, mother or father. Through the trials and tribulations our family has gone through we have learned how to change with the “new world”

The new model of living as a healthy family is the five principles you will learn about in this book. The High Five’s will equip your family with new, innovative and highly effective, proven ways to successfully overcome any obstacle. Whether your family is in a rut of routine or your family has been devastated by an event such as an affair, addiction, or incarceration, these strategies are guaranteed to help your family become strong and healthy. In this book, you will find the answers on HOW to build a strong, healthy family, together.

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Ron & Catherine Tijerina

Founders of The RIDGE Project

Ron and Catherine Tijerina are true catalysts for change. They are authors, nationally‐renowned speakers and Founders of The RIDGE Project and TYRO Support Services. Their inspirational book, High Five – Love Never Fails, is available on amazon. Order yours today.


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