NEW! Expedited Pardon Project Online Workshop

The Ohio Governor’s Expedited Pardon Project (OGEPP) is aimed at enhancing and expediting the process  by which apply for clemency under Ohio’s laws. OGEPP seeks to reduce challenges surrounding a clemency hearing in Ohio for people meeting certain criteria with exceptional stories who can show that they have been rehabilitated and have contributed positively to their communities. This project is faster than the traditional pardon process and provides more support in completing the necessary paperwork and hearing requirements.  Originally scheduled as an in-person workshop, the Ohio Governor’s Expedited Pardon Project is now avaliable as an online workshop at:

Or on Facebook (with captions) at:

A special Live Video Chat with Expedited Pardon Project Team members is scheduled for May 5th. See details below.

NEW! Tues., May 5 @ 12PM  ll  Expedited Pardon Project Live Video Chat

Just ask it! Join Project Team members for a Q & A session about the Ohio Governor’s Expedited Pardon Project. This is a follow-up discussion to the online workshop. Please watch the online workshop on your own here or on Facebook  prior to participating in the live chat. This is your opportunity to ask Project Team members process questions, get clarity about qualifying criteria, and gain a better understanding of how your organization can assist people seeking clemency through this project.

Registration in advance is required for the Live Video Chat. Registration link: