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TYRO Rites of Passage Facilitator Training

If you are experienced in leading youth groups, or looking to lead your first, you have come to the right place! TYRO® R.O.P. (Rites of Passage) offers a diversity of engaging workshops to keep your small group fresh and fun while guiding young adults in the pursuit of a successful life through a foundation built on virtue, integrity, respect and honor.

Learn how to successfully deliver this award-winning curriculum to your community youth group and establish young leaders who can stand up against the negative influences, peer pressure, and low expectations that exist for many young people today. Be equipped with 45 interactive small group lesson plans that let young adults experience the benefits of living a life of character. Click here to view detailed information for all 45 TYRO® Rites of Passage workshops.Out next scheduled facilitator training is October 19-20th. 

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TYRO is an evidence-based, nationally recognized curriculum. Used throughout many organizations across the world, TYRO is changing lives, families and communities. With a suite of curriculum spanning from relationship strengthening and coaching, to parenthood and job ethics programs. Visit to find out more. 



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