TYROs are taught how to own their stories, their experiences, their decisions, and their consequences. This ownership allows them to tell their life story as it happened from their personal account, rather than allowing others to take control of the experience. By doing this, TYROs are able to move past obstacles and become stronger individuals and to better serve their relationships. Here are some testimonials we’d like to share.

TYRO Frank Ritzert

My name’s Frank Ritzert, and you wouldn’t be able to tell it by looking at me… But I used to be called 681313 rather than by my real name. over a year ago I was transferred from an Ohio State Penitentiary to a halfway house in Cleveland at that halfway house I got connected with the RIDGE Project and i took their award-winning TYRO Program… Before TYRO I didn’t know what it meant to live with integrity and purpose. The RIDGE Project and my mentor, have continued to check in with me every step of the way.. I don’t know where I would be with out the RIDGE Project and the TYRO Program.

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​​Ron and Catherine Tijerina are true catalysts for change. They are authors of the inspirational book, High Five – Love Never Fails, nationally‐renowned speakers and Founders of The RIDGE Project and TYRO Support Services.