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Writing Letters to Your Loved Ones in Prison

This episode of TYRO TV is part of a series that will teach you how to build a strong relationship in spite of incarceration.  Ron and Cathy Tijerina pull from their own experience of 15 years of incarceration and share how to write better letters to your loved one in prison.

Ron and Cathy did 15 years in the prison system. Ron served time on the inside, while Cathy and her sons did time on the outside. That experience caused them to invest in their family and become strong and healthy. That’s the only true success! When your family is stable and strong, then you can reach for the rest of your dreams. This episode is specifically focused on how to improve in writing letters to your loved one in prison – whether they are sent via email or snail mail. Do you feel like you are running out of things to say? Are you using letters to stir up excitement in your relationship? Do you read between the lines? Are you reading too much between the lines? How do you know what they are really saying? How do you use your words as a tool to build a strong bridge to each other in spite of the distance? Read more​…

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