TYRO Dads Facilitator Training

TYRO® Dads is a nationally known, award-winning, best practice, and evidence-based curriculum designed to equip participants with the skills necessary to combat generational cycles of poverty, incarceration, and entitlement in order to achieve their highest potential. TYRO® Dads has been shown to be effective in many at-risk populations including low-income, varying socio-economic levels, ex-offender populations, and incarcerated men and their families.  Since the TYRO® approach is foundational in nature and attacks root causes, the positive outcomes of TYRO® are transferrable to nearly any demographic imaginable.  This intensive character development program teaches participants to take responsibility for their actions and prepares them to live lives of honor and integrity. Upon successful completion, participants have a significant increase in emotional intelligence and report a marked improvement in how they view themselves and their relationships.

The word “TYRO” is a Latin word meaning, “Apprentice, novice, or young warrior; someone learning something new.”  TYROs take pride in themselves and their families.  Those who successfully complete the TYRO® Dads course earn the title of “TYRO,” as they now stand as warriors for themselves and their families. 

TYRO®Dads was created out of the Tijerina family’s personal experience with welfare and incarceration.  It is based on the principles and practices that they used to overcome the barriers of incarceration and poverty in order to build a strong, thriving, and contributing family. 

“This project has been very successful in reuniting families, in particular after the fathers leave prison, keeping them home and out of prison.  And, to have a successful program that achieves results in that area is absolutely astounding.” 

– Lynn Wachtmann, Former Ohio Senator

and State Representative

“This amazing program is uniquely qualified to offer a way to create dignity, motivation and responsibility for both individuals and families.” 

– Cosett Bowles, Executive Director

Anthem Strong Families

“The TYRO Program gives them life skills and worth (and tells them)…you can be a contributor.” 

– Joe Kerola, President

PI&I Motor Express

“This TYRO class is so good, you don’t even know you’re changing when you change.  It has helped me become a better person, a better man.” 

– Jamel Green, TYRO Dad

“I heard out of my son’s mouth something that I never thought I would hear – ‘Dad, I wanna be just like you!’ Today my answer is, ‘Son, I want you to be like me too.’  I made myself transparent and no one can tell my story.  That alone has set me free.  I now look in the mirror and like the new me.  I am a TYRO.” 

– Shawn Langford, TYRO Dad

TYRO® Dads is designed to combat the root issues inherent in destructive or self-serving behavior patterns through cognitive restructuring and positive role-modeling.  Individuals are taught and encouraged to begin taking responsibility for their actions and to act with honor and integrity.  Participants engage in interactive exercises that are designed to promote self-discovery and self-realization of the root causes of existing destructive behaviors.  This process teaches men to replace negative thought patterns and actions with positive ones in a way that creates permanent transformation.

TYRO® Dads course work provides participants with a healthy model for becoming a responsible citizen and family member.  It is designed to equip men with the life skills they need to be responsible fathers and husbands, better communicators, reliable employees, positive role models, and assets to their communities.



Percentage of

TYRO Dads who

reported a very strong 

commitment to fatherhood



Percentage of TYRO Dads

who improved in at least one responsible parenting or

healthy marriage category

“TYRO helped me to understand how important it is to be a man of good character and how beautiful it really is when you’re being a father and not just saying you’re on!” ​