It has been said that perseverance is not a long race, but many short races one after another. This certainly holds true for Ms. Dawn Lamb, single mother of two, who is a TYRO making history as the first woman to gain employment through one of our partner trucking agencies.

Dawn came to The Ridge Project via a referral. When she initially filled out the application, a local facilitator, Bryan Luton, was able to meet with her. Dawn told Bryan that she was interested in obtaining her CDL. He cautioned her that the company was a flatbed steel-hauler that requiring hands-on freight. He also described the position and the fact that it was a physically demanding job. Her response was quick and simple – that she was not afraid of getting dirty. Dawn entered the program and went to each and every class on time. She would often talk about how tired she was because she worked a late-night job in addition to participating in the program. But, she was not going to let that hold her back. Bryan gave her a YMCA scholarship form to get a free membership to work out so that she could condition her body in preparation for job.

Dawn took the recommendation and began working out regularly. After she graduated from the TYRO program, she went straight to our truck-driving partner and entered the driving program. They immediately reported that she was at the top of her class. Dawn aced all of her classes and passed her CDL driver’s exam on the first try, when many others (men included) had to take it more than once!

Soon after, Dawn pursued an opening with the company that employs graduates of the program. They initially expressed some concern about her ability to do the physical labor, but Bryan assured them that she could get the job done. It wasn’t long before the instructors reported that she was doing extremely well, excelling in every area. They even remarked that, in one instance, there were two men trying to tie down a load who were unsuccessful in their efforts. But Dawn succeeded in tying down her load and entered the truck ready to work.

She also earned accolades for being a safe driver and for keeping up with her given workloads. When others had their doubts about the power of this young lady, her determination triumphed. Dawn is living proof that, with perseverance, you can achieve any goal that you set your mind to, even when the odds are stacked against you!