TYRO Digital Platform

Revolutionizing Case Management

In October of 2014, The RIDGE Project kicked off a transformative new initiative with the launch of our new, mobile digital engagement tool, the TYRO Digital Platform (TDP).  TDP is an interactive digital space that integrates curriculum training, program analytics, social networking, peer accountability and client-tailored content.  This revolutionary platform is changing the ways we view, track, and interact with our clients, and will be a catalyst for the social change that our TYRO curriculum is currently driving.  Communication and information sharing has now become an instantaneous and gratifying process that allows people to stay connected and engaged in ways not possible a decade ago.


From this platform, we are able to fill the gap that occurs between face to-face classes. After each week, the class is engaged via the TDP in several ways, including receiving a workshop recap, hearing testimonies from TYRO alumni, receiving daily check-ins to track focus, being given a call to action, and completing quizzes – all through a mobile device like a cell phone or tablet. The platform also allows TYROs who have completed the program to stay connected to their TYRO Alumni Community (TAC) in a mobile digital experience, allowing them to support each other in their endeavor to be men and women worth following.

​​Additionally, each class has their own group where they are able to share life stories, link content from the digital workshops, add pictures, and even encourage other participants. These communities interact in similar ways to platforms like Facebook or Twitter. In addition to having groups, there is a space for personal journaling.  This revolutionary new connection tool has optimized productivity and allows us to connect facilitators and TYROs in a way never before thought possible. It helps to further character development, track individual growth, administer employment check-ups, and support over all wellness.

What is a TYRO Alumni Community?

We’re glad you asked! The TACs function in several ways. There are regular, local meetings which TYROs can attend and interact with others on a more personal level. These meetings encourage the members to keep moving forward, even during rough patches. Struggling TYROs find motivation by seeing that success is possible through hearing the real-life and real-time accomplishments of other TYROs.

Want to know more?

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