TYRO Pledge

TYRO Pledge

Every TYRO lives by an oath known as the TYRO Pledge. This pledge is the glue that binds TYROs to the TYRO way of life. It is the defining thread that runs through every decision they make as they pursue a path of righteousness. Separate from the pledge, but equally important, is the TYRO Declaration. This is the definition of what it means to be a TYRO; a declaration of the promise to live life as a TYRO.

TYRO Declaration

I (state name) am a (husband/wife and) father/mother.  I AM a man/woman of honor.   I AM a man/women of good character.  I do not embarrass my family nor do I cause them pain and suffering.  I live my life upright and full of virtue.   I AM a man/woman of integrity. 

I do not lie, cheat or steal.  I do not live my life justifying my mistakes and shortcomings.  I AM trustworthy.  I openly admit my faults and seek to become stronger each day.  I AM loyal.  I protect those that I love and defend those who are weaker than I.  I AM grateful.  I strive to achieve my highest potential.  I know what I believe.  I AM a man/woman of faith.  My self-esteem does not come from others, but from doing what is right and just in all things.

I AM confident.  I am neither arrogant nor boastful. My confidence comes from knowing myself and my character.  I AM a friend.  I do not use or manipulate people for my own personal gain.  I live my life in moderation.  I do not need material things to make me feel important or valuable.  I know the difference between what I want and what I need.  Others needs are important to me.  I AM strong.  I do not succumb to temptations like drugs, alcohol or lust that will keep me from fulfilling my destiny.  

I AM A TYRO.  I love learning and strive to increase my knowledge that I may live up to my highest potential.  I AM good.  I understand pain and suffering.  Pain and suffering have been my greatest teachers.  I will not use them as an excuse to fail.  I AM free.  I am free to dream and to create a better world for myself and all those around me.  I do not use my freedom to imprison others mentally or physically.  I AM patient.  I do not lose my temper when I do not get my way or give up when I encounter resistance.  I understand that those things worth having are worth waiting for.  I AM an ambassador of hope for the hopeless.  I AM beautiful.  My actions and words reflect beauty and life.  I AM the antidote. I do not spread poison with my life.  I AM proud of who I am and what I represent and what I have overcome.  I love myself.  In loving myself, I am able to love others.  I love my family.  I AM a man/woman of discipline.  The discipline I embrace guards me against envy, greed, hate and violence.  I AM responsible.  I can be depended upon to do what I say I will do.  I AM a leader.  I AM a man/woman worth following.  

I am a TYRO!